Interview with Grace Toy Ferguson, 1984 April 19 [audio](part 2)

  • Looking at photos
    Keywords: Gibbon's House; Hagley Museum and Library; Illnesses; Photographs
    Transcript: Schumacher: He looks like a sinister person.

    Ferguson: Yeah. I wouldn't know them. I know I used to sell whiskey bottles in there. We'd go over on the dump and get a whiskey bottle and get a nickel for them.

    Schumacher: Do you have a picture of the Gibbons House? I've heard' so much about that place.

    Ferguson: The what?

    Schumacher: The Gibbons House.

    Johnson: It would be nice if you came up to the Museum -- if you can come sometime.

    Schumacher: Here it is. Is that it? I remember that house.

    Ferguson: Let's see it.

    Schumacher: That's up in Squirrel Run, isn't it?

    Ferguson: Yeah. Let's see.

    Schumacher: Yeah. That's way up in the yard.

    Johnson: Yes. Now it really is -- do you know where the Brandywine Manufacturers' Sunday School is -- that building?

    Schumacher: No. Maybe I'd know it if I saw it.

    Johnson: Do you know where the machine shop is -- if you went up the hill there and then you'd pass the Gibbons House. On the right as you go up. And then if you kept going eventually you'd hit Christ Church.

    Schumacher: There was the grape arbor. They had a grape arbor there. I remember that house.

    Johnson: Now, do you remember if anybody was living there when you were little? We have the feeling it was empty when you were a child.

    Schumacher: Do you remember who lived in that house, mother?

    Johnson: Where was it?

    Schumacher: It's up by the blacksmith shop. Remember that house?

    Ferguson: Up in the powder yard?

    Schumacher: Yeah.

    Ferguson: No, I don't remember who lived there.

    Schumacher: I don't know.

    Ferguson: I don't know.

    Johnson: That picture was taken probably 1880's or 90's. It was the Stewart family who lived there at that time, but this was really --

    Ferguson: I wasn't born until '95.

    Johnson: That's right.

    Ferguson: I'm all right -- when I get up -- thank you very much.

    Schumacher: I've got arthritis in my spine and it has been really active.

    Ferguson: I've got -- what do you call that -- rheumatism.

    Schumacher: We all got aches and pains.

    Johnson: It's so damp out.

    Schumacher: I woke up yesterday morning and couldn't get out of bed.

    Ferguson: That's a nice book. Thanks a lot for that.

    Schumacher: Thank you very much.

    Johnson: And thank you for talking to me.

    Ferguson: That's nice. Thanks very much.

    Johnson: Thank you very much for talking to me.

    Schumacher: Oh, it was nice having you.

    Johnson: And we'll look forward to getting the pictures.

    Schumacher: Yeah. I'll give you a call.

    Ferguson: I didn't give you much information, did I? Is that yours, too?

    Johnson: Yes it is.

    Ferguson: Are you from Wilmington?

    Johnson: Yes.

    Ferguson: What part of Wilmington?

    Johnson: I live in Wyecliff.

    Ferguson: Where?

    Johnson: Wyecliff, it's north of Wilmington. Thank you very much.

    Schumacher: Oh, you're welcome. I hope I didn't interrupt you. She understands, very interesting, too. She lived right there. We had a good time up there. And every time there was a funeral mother a bouquet of flowers.

    Ferguson: Oh, I painted all these pictures in here.

    Johnson: You painted them?

    Ferguson: Hmm-mm. I'm an artist. Now I can't see. I could have sold that thing fifty times. I won't sell that picture, I like that big one.

    Johnson: Did you do the big one, too?

    Ferguson: Yeah. I did that. I hate that thing. I painted all these pictures. Painted that, too.

    Johnson: Thanks again.

    Schumacher: Oh, you're welcome. Thanks for coming.

    Ferguson: Thank you very much. I wasn't very much information, was I?

    Johnson: Yes, you answered all the questions and –

    Schumacher: You're going to be on Who's Who, mother.

    Johnson: We'd really like to have the people come up to the Gibbons House sometime and meet each other and --

    Schumacher: Well, maybe something can be arranged and we can gather up there.

    Johnson: If you feel well enough. Thank you. Bye-bye.