Teflon commercials

  • Cookware with Teflon: "I'm a tough nut" [color]
  • Burnt cheese sauce: fry pans comparison [color]
  • Unwrapping Teflon cookware: Mrs. Fenton test-cooks an egg [b&w]
  • Removable oven liners: "Get an oven you can clean in the sink" [color]
  • Bakeware [color]
  • "Gifts" spring version [color]
  • "Gifts" winter version [color]
  • "Gifts" fall version [color]
  • "Gift" [20 second spot] [color]
  • Teflon II: crepes [color]
  • Teflon II: chicken [color]
  • Teflon II: shrimp [color]
  • "This darn job makes me sick" [b&w]
  • "Remember way back when..." [b&w]
  • "My family is cooking crazy" [b&w]