Interview with Matthew Sebastionelli, 2016 March 11

  • Introduction
    Partial Transcript: "I'm a product of the military institution." "I went to highschool in Olympia, Washington... it's kind of what I consider home..." "I was drawn to the fire department after 9/11..."
    Synopsis: Sebastionelli talks about his childhood and early adult life. He was born to a military family in Arizona and his family, which included his parents two brother moved around a lot. He considers himself a native of Olympia, Washington because he went highschool and discovered his identity there. He says that he had to chose between joining the fire department and the coast guard after leaving highschool. Between his interest in firefighting- which was sparked by 9/11- and the advice of his father he joined the fire department. He says that being a firefighter has given him many opportunities in life.
    Keywords: Coast Guard; fire department; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; military; Olympia, Washington; River City Cannery; Tucson, Arizona; Washington D.C.
  • Firefighting in Washington D.C. and getting injured on the job
    Partial Transcript: "In 2012 I was appointed to an engine company..."
    Synopsis: Sebastionelli talks about firefighting in Washington D.C. He says he moved because he wanted to try something different and hone his craft as a firefighter. After serving on a ladder truck, he was injured and unable to return to work. The city wanted to reassign him to part time work in a library, instead he decided he wanted to work in the beer industry.
    Keywords: beer; brewing; canning; fire department; fire fighting; home brewing; injury; ladder truck; library; Washington D.C.
  • Getting the idea to start a brew on premises/ canning operation
    Partial Transcript: "You can come to me... it will be a great opportunity to build a community based on this..."
    Synopsis: Sebastionelli talks about how he came to the decision to run a cannery instead of a brewery. He discusses researching canning technology and writing a business plan. Just as he was ready to purchase his first canning line he got the news he would be able to go back to work in the fire department. Rather than abandon his goal of a canning company, his wife quit her job to run the business full time while he split his time between the fire department and the canning company.
    Keywords: Alberta, Canada; Australia; brewing; canning; Cask Brewing Systems Inc.; home brewing; U-Brew It Micro Brewery; Wild Goose Canning