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A selection of items from a collection that documents Sperry's UNIVAC Division and predecessor organizations including the Remington Typewriter Company, the Rand Kardex Company, and the Sperry Gyroscope Company. The content of the digital collection primarily includes product images of computers from the 1950s to 1970s. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Image: UNIVAC 9300 system. Click to view.

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The Computer Comes to Marketing
Film introduction: 'This is another special motion picture report on a subject which Fortune believes to be of wide interest to management - the new business frontier of computer use by marketing executives.'
The Story of the Typewriter
Presents history of the typewriter and introduces Sperry's new product, a word processor. Includes many historical photographs. Presented by Sperry Remington.
Sperry Commercials: Three Division
Describes various ways Sperry listens to its customers to learn more to support their needs. Part of the "We understand how important it is to listen" campaign.
Farming's Fabulous Future
Newscaster Chet Huntley describes the history of farming, current practices and future possibilities. Created by New Holland Machine Company, a division of Sperry Rand Corporation.
Among Us (Sperry-UNIVAC)
Film exploring threats to society and how computer helps to deter them. Five masked performers represent 'the arsonist', 'the burglar', 'the mugger', 'the thief' and 'the pusher' working against law enforcement.
An Introduction to Digital Computers
Video is an animated tutorial on basic computer hardware and functionality.
Guideposts to Tomorrow, Elmer Sperry
Honoring the 100th Anniversary of one of America's leading men of science. Story of Elmer Sperry and his invention of the gyro compass as well as his son Lawrence and his creation of the first autopilot. Film also depicts World war I and II and the Sperry company's role in basn wars. Guided missiles, gyro controls and associated name equipment produced for World war II are depicted. Possible future inventions are touched upon showing a futuristic control room and operator.
Sperrylink-Customer Announcement
Spokesperson introduces new Sperrylink products, such as the Deskstation Model 30, 8439 Diskette Subsystem, 0431 Printer, DOPS 20 and Sperrylink Document Reader. Includes examples of how to use certain products.
This Business of Numbers
Animation using still images telling the story of how people have worked with numbers since the beginning of mankind. Film discusses different cultures and their use of mathematics to computers. Also mentioned is the ENIAC and the UNIVAC. Some of the same artwork used in Sperry film "Then and Now".
What Do You Want?
Depicts the progress of computing with ENIAC, BIMAC, UNIVAC including Nike Zuess and Athena military computers. New computer techniques and parts are shown. Also depicted are the LARC and UNIVAC III computers. Also mentioned are Ford instrument and Vickers. J. Presper Eckert explains the future of computers.
Young & Rubicam UNISYS Commercials
Reel of three UNISYS commercials. "Creation" :60 (:02), "Scottsdale Rev 2" :30 (1:07), "Corporate/Banking" :30 (1:41).