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Selection of materials from the David Sarnoff Library including photographs, RCA Annual Reports, Broadcast News, and technical journals and newsletters produced by RCA. Additionally, the collection includes advertisements from RCA and the Victor Talking Machine Company. This digital collection is a very small sample of the entire David Sarnoff Library at Hagley. For more information, visit the David Sarnoff Library Project site.

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David Sarnoff
Program on David Sarnoff. Includes Sarnoff's background and hosted by actor Robert Mitchum.
Lechner film
Labeled "Flat TV". Man pours white liquid on sheet and pushes glass down on it to show making of picture tube. RCA screen turned on to show test pattern, clock shown functioning, inside of television and other parts shown.
Synthesizer Demonstration
Film begins with exterior DS Research Labs in Princeton. Demonstration of synthesizer and how it works. Introduces Mr. Herbert Pelar, Engineer and Dr. Harry F. Olsen, director of RCA's acoustical research center.
T/W Laser Holograph
Explains volume holography, the use of laser beams to save images onto a crystal. After program are some individual shots from program.
To A New World
The activities in research and development at RCA Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey. Includes scientists, engineers, and technicians working on various research projects related to radio, television, microscopy, facsimile, radar, etc.
Vladimir Zworykin Documentary
Documentary on Vladimir Zworykin, pioneer of television technology. Film provides Zworykin's biography. Zworykin speaks to students, who ask questions about his thoughts on science. Includes interviews with Zworykin and his wife, Katherine, Leslie Flory, James Hillier and Jan Rajchman.