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Ernest Dichter (1907-1991) was a major pioneer in consumer motivational research. This online collection is a small sample of items from Dichter's collection at Hagley comprising various research proposals and studies, a magazine interview, and several issues of the motivational newsletter The Human Factor. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Substantial material from the Ernest Dichter papers can be found in the subscription database, American Consumer Culture. The database is available to Hagley's on-site researchers and database subscribers. Click here to view the American Consumer Culture database.
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Do You Really Want to Create More Effective T.V. Commercials?
Summary of findings from a study that found attention, recognition and recall were not key factors in the effectiveness of television and radio commercials.
To Buy or Not to Buy
A report of a study conducted by Dr. Ernest Dichter, of the Institute for Motivational Research, Inc. on the reasons people buy, or do not buy bedding plants.
A conversation with Dr. Ernest Dichter
Interview with sixty-three-year-old psychologist, Dr. Ernest Dichter. Original magazine of origin unknown.
Why Patients Don't Love You Anymore
Three things are now wrong with the dentist-patient relationship, this noted psychologist says. And he offers three ways to correct them. Reprinted from Dental Management.
Human Factor: Ideas on the art of motivating people, no. 224
Avoid insincere praise. Compliments are powerful motivators, but only when they reflect careful observation and genuine appreciation.
Human Factor: Ideas on the art of motivating people, no. 256
Employees feel more important when they see their jobs from a broader perspective.
Human Factor: Ideas on the art of motivating people, no. 366
Sell' your company to your employees.
Human Factor: Ideas on the art of motivating people, no. 371
Should you change the life-style of your organization?
Human Factor: Ideas on the art of motivating people, no. 372
Your up-front people are your calling card.
Motivational Research Study in the Field of Toys for Mattel Toys, Inc.
Discusses child and parent reactions to Mattel toys of the following four categories: dolls, guns, holsters, and rockets.
Summary of a psychological research study on the sales and advertising problems of Palmolive soap
Study addresses two major questions: '1. Does Palmolive soap have a distinctive personality and what are the characteristics of this personality? 2. Is age a determining factor in influencing attitudes towards Palmolive?'
The adolescent soap market: Development of soap attitudes in young women and girls with specific reference to Palmolive soap
Study addresses the motivations of women when buying toilet soaps, the perceived personality of Palmolive soap, the establishment of brand preferences, and the perceived differences of various toilet soaps in the opinion of potential female customers.
An executive summary of a motivational research study of the current cigar smoking climate
Partial abstract: 'The practical purpose of this study was to determine and evaluate the climate surrounding cigars and cigar purchases that presently obtains in the United States. Further, our intention was to evaluate the competitive position of Consolidated Cigar Corporation's brands with a view to basing recommendations for procedural plans and decisions in advertising, promotion, and packaging that could contribute toward an increased franchise for these brands.'
Executive summary of the pilot motivational research study on beer packaging
Report on one-way bottles and returnables as compared with cans among beer distributors.
How to penetrate the prejudice and restore the true image of bottled beer
First section of the report gives general overview and summary of findings and recommendations of the study. The second section is divided into the following sub-sections: Retailers, Consumers, Brewers, Distributors, and Drivers.
A motivational research study of the advertising problems of Clapp's baby food
Partial abstract: 'The practical purpose of this study has been to determine what can be done to motivate more women to buy Clapp's Baby Foods. This would include those who are just entering the baby food market and those who are presently using other brands of baby food.'