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The Budd Company began in Philadelphia in 1912 as the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company, specializing in the design and manufacture of all-steel automobile bodies. The company became a major producer of automobile parts as well as a manufacturer of stainless steel passenger railroad cars and other products. The images in this collection largely depict Budd Company products and facilities. This collection has not been digitized in its entirety. Click here for a description of the entire Budd Company photograph collection.

    Image: Metal finish inspection. Click to view object.

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Roof panel castings
On front of image: 'Keller Cutting Roof Panel Castings'
Body tops being loaded on trucks for local delivery
On front of image: 'View of Loading Dock, Bldg. 'c' Showing Body Tops Being Loaded on Trucks For Local Delivery'
Hub and drum assemblies loaded for shipment
On front of image: 'Hub And Drum Assemblies Are Loaded on Pallets For Shipment By Car Or Truck.'
Skilled craftsmen in model shop
On front of image: 'Skilled Craftsmen Are Busy Making Models of Ideas In A Completely Equipped Model Shop.'
Hunting park plant press shop
Note with image: 'Taken While Dudley Movie Being Made.'
Hunting park hood line, presses
Press Release In Folder on Back of Image: 'Truck Hoods Being Produced on one of The Press Lines At The Budd Company's Huge Hunting Park Plant. Company Ships Some 100 Freight Cars Loaded With Automobile Body Components Every Working Day.'
Battery of vertical milling machines
Note with image: 'Customer: 5 - R - Machine Shop. Description: Battery of #4 Cincinnati Vertical Milling Machines'
Jig assembly floor work
Note with image: 'Customer: 5 - R - Machine Shop. Description: Jig Assembly Floor Work'
1939 Chevrolet fenders
Note with image: 'Customer: Budd Co. Description: 1939 Chevrolet Fenders.'
Automobile floor pan
Note with image: 'Customer: Budd Co. Description: Floor Pan'
Inside door of automobile
Note with image: 'Customer: Budd Co. Description: Inside Door'
Truck brake drum manufacture
Note with image: 'Detroit. Bullard Multimatic Machine. Truck Brake Drums'
Freight car for shipping roofs
On front of image: 'Special Equipped Freight Car For Single Purpose Use In Shipping Roofs. Note Special Hangers on Ceiling And Clips on Floor.'
Wheels carried through infrared oven
On front of image: 'Wheels Are Carried on A Conveyor Thru An Infrared Oven For Drying.'
Doors for local shipment
On front of image: 'Doors For Local Shipment Are Loaded In Especially Equipped Trailers.'
Automatic welders assembling underbody
On front of image: 'A Battery of Automatic Welders Quickly Assemble A Portion of Underbody.'
Underbellies in specially equipped cars
On front of image: 'Underbodies Are Loaded In Especially Equipped Cars For Shipment.'