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This digital collection contains a selection from Hagley Library's collection of trade catalogs and pamphlets. The materials date from 1783 to 1988 and vary in size. The trade catalogs contain lists, often illustrated, of items sold by an assortment of manufacturers, mostly American. The pamphlets largely consist of promotional materials, although other subjects are included. A comprehensive view of Hagley's trade catalogs and pamphlets can be found by searching our online catalog.

    Image: Cover of 1977 catalog for Dinky Die Cast Toys. Click to view.

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Design formt den alltag
Exhibit catalog.
Automat Restaurants : Patent Sielaff
Includes photographs of the interiors of the New York City Horn & Hardart restaurant (p. 38-39) and the Philadelphia Horn & Hardart restaurant (p. 40-42). The names are not listed for these restaurants in the publication, but they are identified by given addresses.