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This digital collection contains a selection from Hagley Library's collection of trade catalogs and pamphlets. The materials date from 1783 to 1988 and vary in size. The trade catalogs contain lists, often illustrated, of items sold by an assortment of manufacturers, mostly American. The pamphlets largely consist of promotional materials, although other subjects are included. A comprehensive view of Hagley's trade catalogs and pamphlets can be found by searching our online catalog.

    Image: Cover of 1977 catalog for Dinky Die Cast Toys. Click to view.

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Industrial History of the United States
From title page: 'Industrial History of the United States, from the earliest settlements to the present time: a complete survey of American Industries, embracing Agriculture and Horticulture; Including the Cultivation of Cotton, Tobacco, Wheat; The Raising of Horses, Neat-Cattle, Etc.; All the Important Manufactures, Shipping and Fisheries, Railroads, Mines and Mining, and Oil; Also a History of the Coal-Miners and the Molly Maguires; Banks; Insurance, and Commerce; Trade-Unions, Strikes, and Eight-Hour Movement together with a description of Canadian Industries. In seven books, copiously illustrated with about three hundred engravings by the most eminent artists.'
Argument of Franklin B. Gowen, Esq. Before the Joint Committee of the Legislature of Pennsylvania
From cover: 'Argument of Franklin B. Gowen, Esq. before the joint committee of the legislature of Pennsylvania, appointed to inquire into the affair of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company an the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company. At Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 29th and 30th, 1875, on behalf of said company. Specially reported by D. F. Murphy.'
History of the Great Riots
From title page: 'The History of the great riots. Being a full and authentic account of the strikes and riots on the vaious railroads of the United States and in the mining regions. Embracing brilliant and graphic pen-pictures of the reign of terror in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Chicago, and other cities. The conflicts between the troops and the mob. Terrible conflagrations and destruction o f property. Thrilling scenes and incidents, etc., etc. together with a full history of the Molly Maguires.'