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Welded rail in transit to test track area
Blast furnaces, Cambria Iron Works (Johnstown, Pa.)
Coke by-products plant, Corrigan McKinney Steel Company (Cleveland, Ohio)
Bessemer plant mixer being charged, Edgar Thomson Works, Carnegie Steel Company (Braddock, Pa.)
Blast furnace iron tapping into ladle, Carrie Furnaces, Homestead Plant, Carnegie-Illinois Steel Company (Pittsburgh District, Pa.)
Steel in use - rapid transit cars (Cleveland, Ohio)
The Duquesne Steel-Works at night
Coke plant by-products yard, Kaiser Steel Company (Fontana, Calif.)
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge sections loaded on railroad cars, Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Pottstown, Pa.)
Pig iron at blast furnace, Clinton furnace, Clinton Iron and Steel Company (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Blast furnace tap at night, Republic Steel Corporation (Gadsden, Ala.)
Hauling coal from high coal mines with a Jeffry motor (W.Va.)
Republic Steel Corporation Chicago District (Chicago, Ill.)
Coal loading facility, Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Coal facilities at Lamberts Point, Norfolk and Western Railway (Norfolk, Va.)
Coke plant rail yards