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Advertisement, price regulation (June 1946)
National Industrial Information Committee flier (1982)
'Work for Victory and Absenteeism' poster advertisement (June 1942)
Your Plant and 'Soldiers of Production' (1944)
A story of people : the story of Mullins : the story of your job
100 Million Motor Vehicles
On the Double
New Nylon Racket Strings Made of DuPont Nylon
With the Greatest of Ease
Trip Through The World's Most Modern Automobile Factory
War Service Record of Bethlehem Steel Company: Some Highlights of Our Efforts
Memo : How To Be A Super Secretary
Avon announces the opening of its new mid-central branch in Chicago, Ill.
Announcing the Fahrenheitor Cocktail Shaker and Martini Churn
Fahrenheitor Jug
Odysseus in Manhattan: A Chemist Invents, Designs and Manufactures Beautilities
Fahrenheitor Mushroom Trays
Fleischmann's Mixer's Manual
Tubadipdrip Fahrenheitor: Coffee Maker and Tea Maker
Fahrenheitor Cocktail Freezer