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Speedwell Iron Works : manufacturers of mill-irons and machinery of every description
Message of William H. Ross, Esq. Governor of Delaware to the General Assembly at the Biennial Session
Ludlum's patent life-boat, peculiarly adapted for gun boat, surf boat, fishing boat, pleasure boat : now on exhibition at the "American Institute", in the Crystal Palace, New York
Twenty-sixth annual report of the Cumberland Valley Railroad Company
Lehigh Slate Company, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, 1857
The want of uniformity in the commercial law between the different states of our Union : a discourse delivered before the Law academy of Philadelphia, November 26th, 1851
A report on rosin oil
Anthony's bulletin of photographic invention and improvement
Report of the geological survey of the Dickeson Lead Mine, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Annual Exhibition of the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts will be opened in the city of Baltimore, on Monday, October 20th, 1851
An historical sketch of the Presbyterian Church in New Castle, Delaware
Henry Clay Factory, Brandywine, Del. : Rules
The moral significance of the Crystal Palace : a sermon, preached first to his own congregation, and repeated in the Church of the Messiah -- & October 30, 1853
Hotchkiss & Sons' descriptive catalogue and price list, Sharon Valley, Connecticut
Second letter on the condition and prospects of the Reading railroad, in March, 1885
Reports on the property of the New York and Richmond Coal Company
Every lady her own shoemaker, or, A complete self-instructor in the art of making gaiters and shoes
Charter and by-laws of the Chestnut Hill Railroad Company, 1851