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MCI Core Show Part 1
MCI Core Show Part 2
MCI Video Magazine
MCI Rockville Tour
Tour of the Chicago Terminal
MCI Tour-Without Music
Historical Reel for Retail Convention
MCI B-Roll
Video Magazine Mid-Year Report
Cray Research Testimonial
It's People
Quest To Be The Best
Ready To Take On the Challenge of the 80s
MCI 1989 Annual Stockholder's Meeting
MCI Annual Stockholders' Meeting-Tape 1a
1991 Stockholders' Meeting-Switched Master
MCI Annual Stockholders Meeting Tape 1
MCI Tour-Rockville, Maryland Facility
Senior Management Stockholder Presentation
MCI Mail Applications
CNN Customer Testimonial
Women & Technology
Vint Cerf on ZDTV
MCI Annual Stockholders Meeting Tape 2
It Is the People