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Report upon the locomotive engines, and the police and management of several of the principal rail roads in the northern and middle states : being a sequel to the Report of the 8th of January, 1838 upon railway structures
Remarks upon the comparative profits of grocers and retailers, as derived from temperate and intemperate customers
Report on the geological reconnoissance of Kentucky, made in 1838
To the Committee on Corporations of the Senate
Columbian Primer, No. 2, or, Child's First Lesson
Effect of incorporated coal companies upon the anthracite coal trade of Pennsylvania
A new tariff of rates and duty on goods and merchandise, passing through the sound at Elsinore
Disbrow's expose of water boring
Report of William Milnor Roberts, chief engineer of the Cumberland Valley Rail Road Company, made to the board, on the 23d Oct. 1835
Banks of Wisconsin : report of the Secretary of the Treasury, respecting banks of Wisconsin territory