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The Happiest Sound in All the World, 'The Sound of Music: Original Soundtrack Album of the New Motion Picture
You Never Heard It So Good Until You've Heard RCA Stereo 8!
New for '66! RCA Victor Stero Tape Music in Your Car
Elvis Has a New Movie Soundtrack Album
Easy Does It
Your RCA Victor Record Dealer's Second Smash Stereo Sale!
The Boss Beat of Duane Eddy
Recorded 'Live' Sergio Franchi, the Voice of Romance
The Beat of Belafonte, The Magic of Makeba Together on One Great Album
The Ballad Style of Joe Williams
Thunder In the Wings
The Sound on This New RCA Victor Record Challenges Comparison With the Sound on Any Other Record Available on Any Label Anywhere
One Man Show: A New Album Featuring the Dynamic Voice of Glenn Yarbrough
Hear! Hear! Biggest News of the Year From the Stars on RCA Victor