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Bookmark, The Complete Guide for Motor Touring -- the Automobile Blue Book
Celluloid Emery Wheel Co. advertisement
Notice, To All Persons in Interest in Respect to the Adjustment Plan of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Kissel Kar: Add Six Months to Your Motoring Calendar
Advertisement for Joseph S. and Thomas Elkinton Soaps
Centennial Catalogue Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The United States hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Galloway & Graff, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The old Ephrata printing press
Centennial Lodging House Agency, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
RCA Took a New Road in Electronic Data Processing
MCI's School of Telecommunications Management is Coming to These Cities
Friends and Family from MCI
This Businessman Just Saved 48.7% on a Call from Washington to Baltimore
MCI Telecommunications Management Courses
Panasonic Phones with Two Free Months of MCI
Reach out and touch someone' MCI print advertisement
In Honor of Father's Day 10 Minutes of Free Phone Calls
Ma Bell hopes you don't read this' MCI print advertisement
If you're still using Bell for long distance calls'u2026' MCI print advertisement
MCI Mail advertisement