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David S. Brown & Co. Soap Makers and Perfumers, New York
For delicate skins use Sunlight Soaps
Illustrated letterhead from Eavenson & Sons Toilet & Laundry Soaps
Don't let another wash day go by without trying Sunlight Soap
Creme Oat Meal Toilet Soap
Use Beach Soap Co.'s Laundry and Toilet Soaps
Creme Oat Meal Toilet Soap
Maize Flour Toilet Soap
Creme Oatmeal Toilet Soap
Buchan's Carbolic Toilet Soap
Witch Hazel Soap
Soap For All Nations
David S. Brown & Company, Soap Makers & Perfumers, New York
D.S. Brown & Co. Soap Makers and Perfumers, New York
L.I. Fisk & Co's. Japanese Soap
Why don't all babies have hair like this?
Packer's Soap
Bush & Co.'s Improved Borax Soap
Williams' Granulated Charter Oak and Other Soaps
My Mama used Wool Soap/I wish mine had
Kendall Mfg. Co's. Leader Soap
Columbia Soap Works
Thos. Gill, Proprietor and Manufacturer of Wm. Johnson Patent Improved Borax Soap
William Roper Manufacturing Co. Laundry & Toilet Soap Powders and Cleaning Compounds