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Patent issued to Engineer John Billwiller in Durlach in Bavaria and Dr. John Billwiller in Goldach-Rorschach in Switzerland
Gustavus J. Esselen and Frederic C. Clark to John J. Raskob, 1930-03-29
Prindle, Bean and Mann to John J. Raskob, 1930-03-27
Allan McQueen to G. L. Schwartz, 1929-08-15
Programme of Investigation Directed to the Co-ordination of Those New Processes Involved in the Spinning of Yarns of Flax, Hemp, and Related Fibres
Allan McQueen to John J. Raskob, 1929-04-13
Skinner, Sherman & Esselen, Inc. to Aktiengesellschaft fur Faser und Zellstoff
Allan McQueen to John J. Raskob, 1929-10-11