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Ring-necked pheasant
Canvas-Back, Redhead
Canvas-Back, Redhead
Scaup or broad-bill
Wood duck, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal
Front of mailing envelope for print set
Our American Game Birds Title Page
Front of mailing envelope for print set
Gadwall or gray duck, shoveller or spoonbill
Pintail, black duck, bald-pate
Golden-eye or whistler, white-winged scoter
Brant, black brant
Wild turkey
Upland plover, Hudsonian curlew or jack curlew
Virginia rail, clapper rail, coot, king rail, sora
Mountain quail, California quail
White-fronted goose, greater snow goose, canada goose
Dusky grouse, ruffed grouse
Wilson's snipe
Greater yellow-legs, golden plover, black-bellied plover