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William Flanigan by packing house car
Employees outside main cooper shop
Employees outside machine shop where repairs and new work is done
Soda House at Eleutherian Mills powder yard
Covered wagon outside of main packing house
Line of incorporating mills
Main magazine where powder was shipped
Jack Hoover's mule-drawn wagon for transporting gunpowder
Employees outside blacksmith shop near gate
Employees outside the blacksmith shop
Horse-drawn wagon for transporting empty metallic kegs to the mills
William Flanigan with packing house car (side view)
Saltpeter refinery (center) at Eleutherian Mills powder yard
Horse-drawn car taking powder to main magazine at Brandywine powder yards
Charcoal house
Six men standing beside horse and cart next to rails along river bank
Modern incorporating mills (rolling mills) on Brandywine Creek
Original incorporating mills on Brandywine Creek
Eight men with horse-drawn wagon
Men with hand railcar entering a hydraulic elevator
Man driving horse-drawn wagon