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1 Right-of-way and track map : The Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad Company operated by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company : Baltimore Division : Landenberg Branch, V-9.4 Sheet No. 4 1918-06-30 United States. Interstate Commerce Commission Wilhelm, Robert E., Jr. (former owner), Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company (associated name) Interstate Commerce Commission valuation map for the Wilmington & Western Railroad, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Landenberg Branch. The V9.4 sheets cover the railroad from the west end of Wilsmere Yard (Route 141) to the Delaware-Pennsylvania state line. Sheet No. 4 covers Station 316+80 to Station 422+40. Robert E. Wilhelm, Jr. collection of Red Clay Valley materials (Accession 2017.238) B_and_O_Landenberg_Branch_1918_Valuation_Map_V94_4