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Interview with Richard Livingston, 2009 March 26
General View, Dupont's Powder Mills
Crushing Mill, Dupont's Powder Works
Interview with David Sacks, 2009 February 23
Interview with James E. "Jim" Bigler, 2009 December 09
Interview with Frank Reickert, 2008 March 06
Interview with Frank Moore, 2009 October 20
Spruance Research Lab personnel
Interview with Bob Wolffe, 2014 November 15
Interview with James D. McCullough, 2009 June 21
Rolling Mill, Dupont's Powder Works
Paul Morgan, Herbert Blades, and Stephanie Kwolek group portrait
Interview with Don Sturgeon, 2014 July 30
Polymer Group portraits, DuPont Laboratory, Buffalo, New York, 1948
Interview Catherine C. Irving (Mrs. A. Duer Irving), 1974 February 21 [transcript]
Interview with Joseph M. Campbell, 1957 August 15 [transcript]
Interview with J. Thomas "Tom" Mills, 2008 June 10
Du Pont Company dirigible