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Greater Convenience Offered in New Glass Package for Beer
Two pretty packs: Rheingold Christmas carton
Miss Rheingold of 1954
Rheingold changes label for bottles
'My Beer is Rheingold - the Dry Beer' says Raymond Loewy
Beer marketing: Brewers vary the shape of things
Rheingold attempts to bridge gap between and bottles with new Chug-A-Mug
Interview with Hugh Sisson, 2016 February 3
Interview with Lori Clough, 2016 February 4
Interview with Barry Holsten, 2016 January 29
Interview with Ryan Maloney, 2015 December 29
Interview with Matthew Sebastionelli, 2016 March 11
Tour of Pale Fire Brewery with Ben Trumbo, 2016 February 11
Interview with Robert Murray, 2016 March 9
Executive summary of the pilot motivational research study on beer packaging
How to penetrate the prejudice and restore the true image of bottled beer