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Blast furnaces, Bethlehem Steel Company (South Bethlehem, Pa.)
Blast furnaces, Cambria Iron Works (Johnstown, Pa.)
Schematic elevation of lake-front blast furnace
Iron shell open top blast furnaces
Perspective cutaway of blast furnace
Blast furnaces seen from across a field, Warwick Iron and Steel Company (Pottstown, Pa.)
Stone open top blast furnace
Emmaus Blast Furnace (Emmaus, Pa.)
National Iron Company Furnaces (De Pere, Wis.)
Charcoal blast furnaces (Buena Vista, Va.)
Victoria Furnace (Goshen, Va.)
Bethlehem Steel Works (Bethlehem Pa.)
Durham Furnace (Durham, Pa.)
Illustration of Shenandoah Charcoal Furnace (Page County, Va.)
Blast furnaces, Globe Iron Works (Jackson, Ohio)
Graham's Forge Furnace (Bluefield, Va.)
Henry Clay Furnaces (Reading, Pa.)
Beehive ovens, Kittanning Furnace (Littanning, Pa.)
Punxsutawney Iron Company (Punxsutawney, Pa.)
Low Moor Furnaces (Low Moor, Va.)