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Harcharik Named President of New MCI Unit
Oral History of V. Orville Wright
J. Robert Harcharik portrait
GE "First Edition"
V. Orville Wright to All MCI Management
Avon of the Future
Avon: An Inside Look
William G. McGowan Speech to Senior Management
Opening Remarks by William G. McGowan at Senior Management Symposium
Oral History of William G. McGowan
V. Orville Wright and Charlie Rose in front of MCI Pentagon City building
Oral History of Thomas L. Leming
Tom Mullaney to Regional VP's, Directors
William G. McGowan portrait
Speech Outline for Annual Meeting of Stockholders
MCI regional executives
William G. McGowan's Remarks at Managers' Meeting
Remarks by William G. McGowan Before the National Telecommunications Education Committee
Bert C. Roberts Jr. to William G. McGowan
William G. McGowan to All Management
Remarks by William G. McGowan at Business Week's First Annual Chief Executive's Symposium
Oral History of Bert C. Roberts Jr.