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Account of the 'Adventures of Lammot du Pont'
Barksdale Works Box Packing House No. 3 and trestle
Barksdale Works Box Packing House No. 3 - Water Main
Barksdale Works Dope House
Barksdale Works Dope House looking towards weighing room showing bins and Ferro inclave
Barksdale Works Dope House showing old style dope screens in place
Barksdale Works Dope House tram entrance
Barksdale Works Neutralizing House No. 2 from south side of ravine
Barksdale Works N.G. House No. 1 and Mixed Acid Storage
Barksdale Works Soda Bag Wash House from south side
Barksdale Works Soda Store Addition from north side
Barksdale Works standard gauge railroad sidings \"B\" Line extension
Barksdale Works standard railroad sidings
Carney's Point upright press, after completion and installation
Employees in New Machine Shop at Hagley Yard
Graining mill explosion
Horse-drawn gunpowder wagon Deadwood, South Dakota
Map of the Lower Powder Yard, Retraced 9-22-03, 1903-09-22
Map of the Upper Powder Yard, 1903-09-21