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Paintings in the Hotel duPont, 1948
Cordial welcome awaits you at Hotel du Pont, Wilmington, Delaware
Hotel du Pont Wilmington, Delaware
The Gold Ballroom
Al's Tourist Court and Country Dining Room
Swiss Chalet, Bismarck Hotel, Chicago
Ranger Motel, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Azalea Court, Lafayette, Louisiana
Smoky Heights Resort, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Colonial Hotel Courts, Jacksonville, Florida
Swan Motor Court, St. Augustine, Florida
Paradise Tourist Court, New Orleans, Louisiana
Pure Village Cottages, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Twin City Motor Court, Cave City, Kentucky
Colonial Court, Brownsville, Tennessee
Colonial Auto Court, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mirror Tourist Court, Savannah, Georgia
Dan Jones Motor Court
Pine Camp Cottages and Trailer Court
Fred's Cottage Park, Sarasota, Florida