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Interview with Wesley Memeger, Jr., 2014 August 19
Kevlar commercial featuring Stephanie Kwolek
DuPont commercials circa 1950s - 1990s
Kwolek snapshots
Interview with Herbert Blades, 2014 August 19
Interview with Ted Merriman, 2015 December 4
Kwolek group and individual portraits
Interview with Irénée du Pont, Jr., 2014 August 15
Interview with Edwin Z. "Zach" Heafner, 2009 February 23
Interview with Warren Bruce, 2009 April 06
Interview with Don Sturgeon, 2014 July 30
Kevlar promotional video
Solar Challenger
Interview with Bob Wolffe, 2014 November 15
Invention' Discovery Channel Program on Stephanie Kwolek and Kevlar Fiber
Originators: six spots
Spruance Recruitment