Gabrielle Josephine Crofton diaries

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    Gabrielle Josephine Crofton (1873-1952) was one of six children born to Gabrielle Josephine Shubrick Crofton (1835-1894) and Robert Erskine Anderson Crofton (1834-1898). During the time that these diaries were written, Gabrielle Josephine Crofton was residing in Washington, D.C.; her accounts reflect the leisured life of a middle-class, unmarried woman in the first quarter of the 20th century United States. Crofton recorded activities such as attending church, going to the movies, playing cards, walking, socializing, and dining with friends and families. She also described knitting items for soldiers during World War I.
    The two diaries cover the years from 1917 to 1926. The later diary includes one program from a 1922 graduation ceremony at Georgetown Visitation Convent, a Catholic school for girls whose graduating class that year included Ethel Crofton Hunt (1902-1972), the daughter of Gabrielle Josephine Crofton's sister, Mary Ethel Crofton Hunt (1875-1962).
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    Image: Gabrielle Josephine Crofton, ca. 1900-1920. P.S. du Pont Longwood photograph collection (Accession 1969.002). Click here to view the page for this image.

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