Keith Reeves Rodney diaries

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    Keith Reeves Rodney (1875-1956) was a chemist or metallurgical engineer associated with the Fairmount Steel Company in Philadelphia. In 1905 he and several companions toured a number of the steel mills and machine shops in France, Italy, Sweden, and England.
    Of the two diaries in the Keith Reeves Rodney diaries (Accession 1884) collection, the first merely records his travels. It contains little technical information but lists places visited, hotels, sightseeing tours, names of contacts and notations on the reception (friendly or unfriendly) he received at particular sites.
    The second diary more detailed descriptions of the various mills and shops visited. It provides data on the processes employed and the rates of operation. It represents an interesting vignette of the European steel and ordnance industries during a period of rapid growth for German and Italian companies and a period of decline for French and English firms.
      Image: The Duquesne Steel-Works at night, 1900. American Iron and Steel Institute photographs and audiovisual materials (Accession 1986.268). Click here to view in the collection.

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