Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company motion picture films

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    The Midvale Steel Company was established in 1867 in the Nicetown area of Germantown, Philadelphia by English steel-maker William Butcher (circa 1791-1871). Upon his death in 1871, the Butcher Steel Works became the Midvale Steel Works with engineer Wiliam Sellers (1824-1905) as president. The company's name changed again in 1880 to the Midvale Steel Company.
    The Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company motion picture films (Accession 1970.034) collection consists of five reels of film that document operations at the Midvale Steel Plant. While the reels are not dated, they are believed to be from 1919. The films document the various stages of production at the plant with a focus on the precision steel making process. The films show the various stages of steel production at the plant, and include footage of an integrated workforce with African American and white employees working together on the shop floor.
    For additional information about the Midvale Steel Company, see "Films of Midvale Steel in Philadelphia, 1919"

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