Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company motion picture films

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    This collection of moving images documents operations at the Midvale Steel Plant in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia circa 1919. The series of five films show the various stages of steel production at the plant, and include footage of an integrated workforce with African American and white employees working together on the shop floor.
    For a more detailed description of Midvale and the collection, click here to view the finding aid. For additional information, see the following article: "Films of Midvale Steel in Philadelphia, 1919"

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No. 1: Company
Introduction to the Midvale Steel facilities in Nicetown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with exterior pan shots of the plant and adjacent Reading Railroad lines. The beginning of a series showing large ingot used to produce gun tubes.
No. 2: Corporation
Footage of the various steps to forge gun tubes and armor plates at the Midvale Steel facilities in Nicetown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Shows scenes of machines and plant workers.
No. 3: Widener Building
A long tracking shot of a building interior containing large boring machines and finishing lathes; workers preparing and pouring molten steel into ingot molds.
No. 4: Widener Building
A variety of shots showing plant employees working the steel ingots and bars. African American and white employees work side-by-side.
No. 5: Widener Building
Finishing work on steel pipes using an annealing process and inspecting the final product, shots of Midvale tool room and a worker testing a lathe tool.