Interview with Faith Betty Lattomus, 1984 April 4 [audio](part 2)

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  • Final details and looking through "The Workers' World at Hagley" by Glenn Porter
    Keywords: "The Workers' World at Hagley" by Glenn Porter; Bob Blakeley; Peddlers; Sam Frizzell's store; Seitz sisters; Shield's Lumber; Stirling's store; whiskey bottles
    Transcript: Lattomus: They didn't know where to put us, so they went over and looked that place over and then they were going to have it moved up in that corner where the gates are. And then they decided - took Mamma up there to see if it could be made livable and she said yes, for the length of time for what they wanted it. So I think we were only there about three years, but had a good time while I was there.

    Wagner: Now, did you - do you know the Seitz sisters, did you know them?

    Lattomus: Oh yes, yeah, knew them well. We used to get provoked with them. They had a car, an automobile, and if it was raining or snow, one or two of us struggling through there, you know, they'd never stop and pick us up. And I was a little thing, you would have thought they would, but I said, well, maybe they felt if anything happened they'd be responsible. You can't do anything nowadays because they sue you. If you look over backwards instead of straight ahead.

    Wagner: But you do remember saying that - okay?

    Lattomus: Yes I do.

    Wagner: Well, you understand what we're trying to get on tape here. That's your present, the book there.

    Lattomus: Oh, that's lovely.

    Wagner: And they're still trying to identify some of the people, so before I come out the next time, if you look through these and see if you recognize anybody it would be helpful. You were talking about skating, do you remember the river like that? It had to be a lot colder than it is now to get like that. And I was asking you about taverns...

    Lattomus: Another one. Bob Blakeley had a store at Squirrel Run. Now, see, I don't remember that. Sam Frizzell I do.

    Wagner: Oh, you do?

    Lattomus: M-huh, he used to come around, he was the man who sold the cakes and sweets. Mamma used to buy these big cakes with raisins in them, and I hated them. I said, "I wish he'd go someplace else and sell his old cakes, I don't like them."

    Wagner: Did he come around in a horse...

    Lattomus: Stirling's Store - now see these - Billy Hunter had the old Stirling Store, that's it. This is wonderful.

    Wagner: When the tradesmen came around, did they have horse wagons or were they in automobiles?

    Lattomus: Repeat that, I didn't...

    Wagner: When the - you said when people came around to sell things at the house...

    Lattomus: Oh, peddlers, oh one of them, he always stopped and had lunch with us, he had two great big bulging suitcases.

    Wagner: Oh, just walked?

    Lattomus: Yeah, walked, walked. And kids like us, we'd go up the road and get the whiskey bottles. You got money for them. It's a shame they quit doing that.

    Wagner: What about scissors grinders? All right, I'm going to ask you to sign your name here so that we can use the information.

    Lattomus: Right here?

    Wagner: Right, let me make sure...shucks...

    Lattomus: Can't find it? [Tape recorder turned off, then back on again]. They had two boys. He was one of our neighbors up at Hagley. One of the ones - I don't know whether he lived in one of these houses or one of these.

    Wagner: No, this is Shield's Lumber - Shield's.

    Lattomus: Yeah - the other is that Nelson Shields. I only know of him, I don't know him personally, but I know they did - the son was killed or something.

    Wagner: That's right. I'm supposed to ask you lots of other things here.

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