Interview with Joseph M. Campbell, 1957 August 15 [audio](part 1)

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  • Getting a job at Hagley Yard; Peeling Willows for charcoal
    Partial Transcript: "It was the Spanish American War, 1898, I think it was..."
    Synopsis: Cambell talks about his early life and education. He says that he worked part time at one of DuPont's farms. He says that he left the Alexis I. du Pont School early and go this first job working in the packing house at Hagley Yard. He describes his job at the packing house. He says that he used to peel willows for charcoal. He talks about how the willows were chosen, stored, and peeled.
    Keywords: Alexis I. du Pont School (Wilmington, Del.); Black willows; Charcoal; Farms; Hagley Yard; Peeling willows; Spanish American War 1898
  • Working at Winterthur; Working as an Electirican at Hagley Yard; Quarrying
    Partial Transcript: "I went to work for Colonel du Pont, up at his farm..."
    Synopsis: Cambell describes his job at Wintherthur. He says that he started working the farm and then switched to the gardens. He says that he then worked as an electrician at Hagley Yard. He talks about Rokeby Mill, formerly next to Breck's Mill, burning down. He also talks about the fire at the Barley Mill. He talks about other happenings at Hagley while he worked there. He talks about quarrying in Hagley Yard
    Keywords: Du Pont, H. A. (Henry Algernon), 1838-1926; Electiricians; Farming; Gardens; Hagley Yard; Hydroelectricity; Rokeby Mill; Winterthur
  • Wages at Hagley; Unionization efforts; Father's work at Hagley
    Partial Transcript: "I think it was 34 dollars a month..." "I think it was 1900 or 1901 they tried to unionize..."
    Synopsis: Cambell talk about his wages while working at Hagley. He says that he earned 25 dollars a month working in the packing house. He says that he grew up in Squirrel Run. He says that there were some efforts to unionize, but that never happened. Cambell talks about his father's career working in the powder yards.
    Keywords: Hagley Yard; Holly Island; Squirrel Run (Del.: Village); Unions; Wages; Work

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