Interview with Joseph H. Martin, 1956 November 8-9 [audio](part 2)

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  • Friendship with William Coyne; Talking about Alfred I. du Pont; Brandywine history
    Partial Transcript: "He was Catholic... the elder Coynes were Catholic..."
    Synopsis: Martin talks about his friendship with William Coyne, executive vice president of DuPont. He talks about Alfred I. du Pont. The interviewers talk about Brandywine Creek history and show Martin a 1790s survey of the Brandywine Creek and describe plans for a canal. They also talk about the Gilpin family and their paper mills.
    Keywords: Brandywine Creek; Coyne, William, 1866-1933; Du Pont, Alfred I. (Alfred Irenee), 1864-1935; Gilpin family; Hagley Community House (Breck's Mill); Papermills; Tancopanican Band