Interview with Clarence L. Walker, 1956 October 26 [audio]

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  • Watching Annie Oakley shoot
    Partial Transcript: "I seen her shoot targets when I was a kid, lots of times."
    Synopsis: Walker describes watching Annie Oakley shoot. He says that Oakley always insisted on using DuPont powder wherever she want. He says that he heard her husband stuffed her bustle with powder so that she always had DuPont powder, even when she traveled. He says that he heard many stories about Oakley's exploits from her husband, Frank Butler.
    Keywords: Black powder; Butler, Frank, 1852-1926; E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company; Madison Square Garden (New York, N.Y.); Oakley, Annie, 1860-1926; Wild West Shows
  • Peeling willow trees for charcoal in the black powder industry; Planting willow trees
    Partial Transcript: "We loaded them on a wagon, you know..."
    Synopsis: Walker talks about peeling willow trees to be used to make charcoal. He says that his family provided willow trees to DuPont. He describes the willow peeling process. He describes how to plant fresh willows. He says that DuPont paid around six to eight dollars per cord of willow. He believes his family started selling willow to DuPont sometime between 1880 and 1885 and states that price levels for willow were mostly stable.
    Keywords: Black powder; Black willows; Charcoal; E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.; Manufacturing black powder; Money made by selling willows; Peeling willows; Willow trees
  • Coming to Wilmington, Del. at age 27; Stories about Bill Keithley, a friend who worked for DuPont; Trap shooting with Eugene E. du Pont
    Partial Transcript: "He was the greatest story teller I ever knew..." "... he paid thirty-five dollars for a Panama hat..."
    Synopsis: Walker tells a story about his friend Bill Keithley and how he got a job working for DuPont Co. from Alfred I. du Pont himself. He says that Keithley became a secretary because he could figure out the cost of manufacturing a keg of black powder. Walker says that he used to go trap shooting with Eugene E. du Pont and tells some stories about shooting with him and winning a competition with Mr. du Pont.
    Keywords: Black powder; Du Pont, Alfred I. (Alfred Irenee), 1864-1935; Du Pont, Eugene E. (Eugene Eleuthere), 1882-1966; Goldey-Beacom College; Joseph Bancroft and Sons Co.; Trap shooting; Wilmington (Del.)

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