Interview with Philip Dougherty, 1955 February 16 [audio]

Hagley ID:
  • Homes on Charles' Bank
    Partial Transcript: "No, I don't know how it got its name... I couldn't tell you, that's something I never knew..."
    Synopsis: Dougherty talks about Charles Bank and the homes there, describing locations of housing in the area. He describes the interiors and floor plans of the workers' homes.
    Keywords: Charles' Bank; Chicken Alley; Floorplans; Louviers; Lower Louviers (Rockland, Del. : Dwelling); Oil lamps
  • Father's job in the powder yards; First job in the keg mill
    Partial Transcript: "I never heard tell of no other refinery, that's in the upper yard..."
    Synopsis: Dougherty talks about his father's job in the refinery and says that there was only one, located in the upper yard. He talks about his first job in the keg mill near the tin shop. He says that there was a local company that sometimes made kegs for DuPont. He describes the buildings he worked in and how those buildings were powered. He discusses the saltpeter refinery. Dougherty looks at photographs of the powder yards.
    Keywords: Photographs; Saltpeter refinery; Steam power; Upper Yards; Water power
  • Identifying people and buildings in photographs; Working in the keg mill; Working in the Eagle pack house; Women in the powder yards
    Partial Transcript: "I was thirteen years old, probably..."
    Synopsis: Dougherty identifies people in a photograph taken outside of a building he refers to as the tin shop.He talks about working in the keg mill and identifies building locations on a map. Dougherty discusses women working in the powder yards.
    Keywords: Drying house; Eagle pack house; Keg mill; Maps; Photographs; Tin shop; Women
  • Dougherty's father's later work; Destruction of Charles's Bank; Location of the Sand Hole; The Lime House
    Partial Transcript: "I don't know what year he stopped in here, but he tended the cemetery for the du Ponts here... then he tended gates for Mr. Hallock..."
    Synopsis: Dougherty trace his father's later working life tending the du Pont family cemetery and later working as a watchman for S. Hallock du Pont. He says that the homes in Charles's Bank were torn down around 1900 and that the "Sand Hole" was next to the cemetery. He says that there was a lime house where ingredients for making whitewash were stored and describes making and using whitewash. He talks about the locations of buildings in the powder yards.
    Keywords: Charles's Bank; du Pont cemetery; Du Pont, S. Hallock (Samuel Hallock), 1901-1974; Lime house; Saltpeter refinery; Sand Hole; Toy's tavern; Whitewash; Work
  • Repairing the dam in the Upper Yard; Buildings near Hagley; Looking at photographs of the Hagley area
    Partial Transcript: "High pressure come along once in a while, tear the top logs off..."
    Synopsis: Dougherty talks about repairing a dam located in the Upper Yards portion of the powder works. He says that when he worked on the dam it was partially made from logs. He talks about how some buildings got their names. He describes dam construction. He looks at photographs of the Hagley area and identifies buildings mapping out their approximate locations.
    Keywords: Dams; Du Pont, Francis Gurney, 1850-1904; Hagley Dam; Henry Clay (Del.: Village); Logs; Maps; Photographs; Upper Yard