Interview with Fred Zeller, 1984 June 26 [audio]

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  • Description of Zeller's job making wheels at Hoopes Brothers & amp; Darlington, Inc.; Accidents and mill operation
    Partial Transcript: "I call this the last machine... I put them together."
    Synopsis: [This interview is difficult to understand due to it being recorded in a working factory.] Zeller explains his job in making wheels. He talks about how he uses different machines in the factory and the woods used in different kinds of wheels. He talks about mill operations and accidents. Zeller talks about the kind of wheels made at Hoopes Brothers, tracing their evolution from wagon wheels to automobile wheels and back again. He describes how conditions in the factory change with the seasons. He says that he enjoys his job overall.
    Keywords: Accidents; Automobiles; Carts; Hoopes Brothers and Darlington, Inc.; Risks; Safety; Wagons; Wheels; Wheelwrights; Work

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