Interview with Edward B. Cheney, 1958 June 5 [audio](part 2)

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  • Contact with members of the du Pont family
    Partial Transcript: "My first memory of Alfred I. du Pont was watching him lead his orchestra..." "Later in my life I was in contact with Felix du Pont."
    Synopsis: Cheney talks about his memories of Alfred I. du Pont. He says that he remembers du Pont always wearing knickers and being generous. He talks about Halloween and Christmas celebrations. He says that they also went to the du Pont house on election nights to hear about election results. He says that he knew Alexis Felix du Pont, who often invited workers to take trips on his yacht.
    Keywords: Alexis I. du Pont School (Wilmington, Del.); Carney's Point, Nj.; Christmas; Du Pont, A. Felix (Alexis Felix), 1879-1948; Du Pont, Alfred I. (Alfred Irenee), 1864-1935; Elections; Fourth of July celebration; Hagley Community House (Breck's Mill); Halloween; Knickers; Politics; Tancopanican Band
  • Wages, money, and the cost of living
    Partial Transcript: "Actually, he made about forty-two... he had to pay rent..."
    Synopsis: Cheney talks about wages and money at DuPont int the 1890s. He describes the costs of living taken on by the family and the company. He talks about shopping at Frizzell's store.
    Keywords: Cost of living; Hagee's tavern; Homes; Sam Frizzell's store; Toy's tavern; Wages
  • Explosion of 1890; Misbehavior, accidents, and punishments
    Partial Transcript: "that explosion of 1890, the story is that I was asleep on a settee..."
    Synopsis: Cheney describes the explosion of 1890; he was asleep on a settee at the time, and the blast knocked him off the settee on the floor. He jokes that that day was when he got his start with the company. He says that his brother George took shelter behind an oak tree and saw many objects flying through the air. Cheney talks about some of his childhood misadventures and punishments for bad behavior. He talks about other accidents and close calls with cannons and black powder testing.
    Keywords: Accidents; Ballistics; Black Powder; Explosions; Hagley Yard; Misbehavior; Punishments; Quality Control; Sledding
  • Father's work with black powder; Story about the family dog dying from rabies
    Partial Transcript: "I used to carry my father's lunch everyday in the summer..." "Rifle powder will have to have a certain level (of moisture content) compared to shotgun powder..."
    Synopsis: Cheney talks about bringing his father lunch at the yard. He says that one of his father's jobs was testing the moisture content of black powder, and he describes the testing process. He tells a story about a man who lost his arm shooting a cannon on the Fourth of July. He tells a story about how his dog seemed sick and ran off one night and roamed around the workers villages. The next day Alfred I. du Pont met his father at the storehouse and said that the dog had been found dead outside a Catholic priest's house.
    Keywords: Ballistics; Black powder; Fourth of July Celebrations; John Knox and family; Keyes’ Hill; Quality control; Rabies; Testing

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