Interview with Robert E. Pyle Sr., 1958 October 27 [audio](part 2)

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  • Personal notebooks; Returning to DuPont in 1934; Getting a medical examination
    Partial Transcript: "They were personal because the fellows bought those and used them..." "I was working at that time in the city engineer's office on temporary relief work..."
    Synopsis: Pyle talks about some of his personal notebooks and other people who may have kept theirs. He talks about getting rehired by DuPont in 1934. He talks about his wages and salary. He talks about getting a medical exam as part of his work at DuPont.
    Keywords: Drafting; DuPont; Great Depression; Medicine; Notebooks; Wages; Wilmington, Del.; Work
  • Later Career at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: "After I got onto the commercial work I didn't touch any of the explosives... after that.. I didn't do anymore until I got into the AEC group.
    Synopsis: Pyle describes his later career at DuPont. He talks about his colleagues. He continues to talk about work.
    Keywords: Drafting; DuPont; Work