Interview with William H. Buchanan, 1958 August 7 [audio]

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  • Local doctors; Getting burned as a child
    Partial Transcript: "Dr. Joe Chandler was in Centerville. Dr. Greenfield lived on Breck's Lane, right at the end house. Of course, that house is tore down now. Pat Casey lived in there a long while after him. Dr. Palmer was down at the end of Forty acres on the corner of Delaware Avenue & Lincoln."
    Synopsis: Buchanan talks about local doctors. He talks about an incident where he lit himself on fire and the adults burned their hands putting him out. He says that the doctor told his parents not to feed him and that he eventually had maggots in his stomach. He explains that he got to a point where he was starving and his father fed him bananas. He got better, but he still has a large scar on his stomach.
    Keywords: Burns; Doctors; Medicine; Pipes; Tobacco