Interview with Oliver Collins, 1973 July 19 [audio](part 1)

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  • Touring Collins' mill; Water turbines and powering mills; Turning lathes
    Partial Transcript: "I have ten foot lathe down there..."
    Synopsis: Collins takes the interviewer on a tour of his mill. They talk about other people Collins might know. Collins talks about other people he knows of who are operating mills. Collins talks about water turbines, he and the interviewer discuss their efficiency. Collins talks about using a lathe and maintaining the mill.
    Keywords: Maintenance; Mills; Power; Water turbines
  • Touring Collins' mill 2
    Partial Transcript: "The weight was 196..."
    Synopsis: Collins continues to give the interviewer a tour of his mill. He explains the different pieces of machinery they encounter and talks about running a mill. He runs some of the machinery. The audio becomes faint and hard to hear.
    Keywords: Machinery; Mills
  • Collins' gun; Sawmills; The millrace
    Partial Transcript: "When he sold the place... there was a gun."
    Synopsis: Collins talks about his gun. He talks about sawmills. he talks about the millrace, his motorcycle, and other tools. He runs some of his machinery. It is hard to hear Collins and the interviewer.
    Keywords: Guns; Millraces; Motorcycles; Sawmills
  • Touring Collins' mill 3; Repairing the mill
    Partial Transcript: "I cut firewood with it, yeah..."
    Synopsis: Collins continues to show the interviewer around his mill. He explains the machinery as they encounter it. A high pitched whirring noise sometimes makes it hard to understand what is being said. He talks about the age of his mill and repairing it.
    Keywords: Machinery; Maintenance; Mills; Repairs; Sawmills
  • Touring Collins' mill 4
    Partial Transcript: "I never used that, I had that when I came here (a gasoline motor)"
    Synopsis: Collins' continues to give the interviewers a tour of his mill. He talks about a gas motor in the mill. He also talks about steam engines. He explains some of the parts and machinery for the mill.
    Keywords: Machinery; Mills; Motors; Steam engines
  • Touring Collins' mill 5
    Partial Transcript: "I never put in all new teeth on that big wheel..."
    Synopsis: Collins contiues to give the interviewers a tour of his mill. He talk about maintaining his mill and using a lathe to make replacement teeth for one of the wooden gears in the mill. He runs machinery at times.
    Keywords: Maintenance; Mills; Repairs

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