Interview with Oliver Collins, 1973 July 19 [audio](part 2)

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  • Wooden pipes and plumbing; Dealing with grain rot; Other ways to make money with the mill; Making hard cider
    Partial Transcript: "That was made by a millwright, there wasn't no factory..."
    Synopsis: Collins shows the interviewers around his mill. He shows them some machinery made by a millwright. Collins talks about some machinery that he has personally built. The interviewers ask him about wooden pipes and plumbing. He talks about dealing with rot on the grains he processes. He talks about other ways he earned money with the mill, like running lathes to make tool handles, in addition to sawing and grinding. He says that he made hard cider during Prohibition.
    Keywords: Hard cider; Lathes; Machinery; Mills; Plumbing; Prohibition; Rot; Tool making; Wooden pipes
  • Collins' interest in cutting hair; rodents and pests in the mill; Touring the mill
    Partial Transcript: "I still cut a little hair for a few people."
    Synopsis: Collins talks about his other interests in life: cutting hair. He describes himself as a jack-of-all-trades. Collins talks about rodents and pests he's had in the mill. Collins continues to lead the interviewers through the mill and explain the purpose of numerous tools.
    Keywords: Barbers; Cutting hair; Jack-of-all-trades; Machinery; Mills; Pests; Rodents; Snakes; Tools

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