Interview with E.G. Ackart, 1961 September 14 [audio]

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  • Introduction and statement of purpose by the interviewers; Early work and career
    Partial Transcript: "I've been to Hagley... three or four times..."
    Synopsis: [The audio quality is very poor.] Ackart says that he has visited Hagley with friends and family from out of time. The interviewers tell Ackart about their goals with oral history interviews. They then talk about some of the people they already interviewed and a few whom they plan to interview.
    Keywords: Education; Hagley Museum and Library; School
  • Comparing other companies with DuPont
    Partial Transcript: "When I first came was when... it was the Depression.. it was disorganized and when I came it was just booming..."
    Synopsis: Ackart compares working at DuPont with working at other companies. He produces a document that compares starting salaries across some companies. He talks about working at DuPont's Spruance plant and speaks about the Barksdale plant.
    Keywords: Atlas Powder Company; Barksdale plant; E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company; Money; Salaries; Spruance Plant; Wages
  • 1916 Engineering Department Consolidation; World War I
    Partial Transcript: "It was '16, I think."
    Synopsis: Ackart talks about the 1916 consolidation of the engineering department at DuPont's Barksdale plant. Ackart talks about his job during World War I. Ackart leaves the room to retrieve some photographs. He returns and revisits the Barksdale engineering department. He shows the interviewers a photograph and identifies the people in it. He discusses the activities of the engineering department and details some of their experiments.
    Keywords: Barksdale plant; Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; Du Pont, T. Coleman (Thomas Coleman), 1863-1930; Engineering; Nitric acid; Sulfuric acid; World War (1914-1918)
  • Making paint; Experiments
    Partial Transcript: "One of the things that did surprise was they had these barrels with balls in for grinding..."
    Synopsis: Ackart talks about chemistry and paint manufacturing. He offers some of his thoughts on his colleagues in the engineering department.
    Keywords: Chemistry; Industrial engineering; Latex; Latex Paints; Paints
  • Research and development at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: "Most of the, as you...most of the new things that the company did until just before the last war..."
    Synopsis: Ackart discusses development and innovation in materials at DuPont. He describes research and development.
    Keywords: Cellophane; DuPont Experimental Station; Dyes; Engineering; Experimentation; Innovation; Rayon; Research and development; Rubber
  • More on research, development, and engineering
    Partial Transcript: "Yes we had...engineers, back in those days..."
    Synopsis: Ackart discusses the functions of the Engineering department. He references having worked in Canada.
    Keywords: Development; Engineering; Research
  • Decentralization, the engineering department gets its own building in Wilmington
    Partial Transcript: "That was largely a policy of...they thought they had gone as far as they could...there were seven hundred people, they didn't want anymore..."
    Synopsis: Ackart talks about decentralization of DuPont as the engineering department moved out of the city of Wilmington. He compares and contrasts the two world wars.
    Keywords: E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company; Smokeless powder; Wilmington (Del.)

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