Interview with A.D. Chandler, 1962 June 21 [audio]

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  • Notes on P.S. du Pont; Meeting P.S. du Pont in 1922; Tracking du Pont's interests and collecting habits;
    Partial Transcript: "I wasn't asked to do this by Mr. du Pont, this is something I did so I could refer back to it..." "He took a very active interest in the things that he collected..."
    Synopsis: Chandler discusses his notes on P.S. du Pont's daily life. He says that he kept them on his own, so that if asked he could refer back to those notes and recreate P.S. du Pont's daily life.
    Keywords: Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, Pa.)
  • Compiling E.I. du Pont de Nemours' letters; P.S. du Pont's interests in history; du Pont's collecting procedures; du Pont's interests in the company; Identifying photos in P.S. du Pont's collection; P.S. du Pont's illnesses
    Partial Transcript: "That's when he became interested in things historical, not only family, but Pennsylvania history" "He had three male secretaries..." "He took a very active interest in the company..."
    Synopsis: Chandler describes du Pont's broad ranging historical interests. He describes how du Pont not only researched family history but Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Brandywine history. He describes du Pont's personal collecting habits and strategies
    Keywords: Brandywine Creek; Delaware; du Pont, Eleuthè re Iré né e (1771-1834); Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.; Hagley Yard; Pennsylvania; Property Records; Swedes
  • P.S. du Pont's other interests and hobbies; du Pont's role at and interests in General Motors; Buying and moving into Longwood Gardens; Anti-Prohibition activities and speeches;
    Partial Transcript: "Of course he had two other large problems..." "...on financial policy, one that I remember that he spoke about was having a national tax structure very much reduced to what it was at that time and yet have a greater income into the federal treasury." "He wasn't a drinking man himself, you know..."
    Synopsis: Chandler describes P.S. du Pont's role at General Motors. Chandler goes on to tell the story about how du Pont purchased Longwood Gardens.
    Keywords: Detroit, Mich.; Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; Eighteenth Amendment; Financial Policy; Flint, Mich.; General Motors; Herbert Hoover's administration; Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, Pa.); Prohibition; Raskob, John J. (John Jakob), 1879-1950
  • The American Liberty League; Reconstructing Delaware's tax department and liquor commission
    Partial Transcript: "P.S. really started the movement... but Raskob worked very closely with that..." "You can't say that the tax in Delaware is not business..."
    Synopsis: Chandler talks about du Pont's involvement with the American Liberty League. He talks about how du Pont paid for the development of Delaware's tax code. He also talks about how du Pont, while not being a drinker himself, campaigned against Prohibition and reconstructed Delaware's liquor commission after the end of Prohibition.
    Keywords: Delaware; Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; New Deal; Prohibition; Raskob, John J. (John Jakob), 1879-1950; Taxes; The American Liberty League
  • P.S. du Pont's interests outside of history and public service; du Pont's "Farmer's Club"; du Pont's interests in Philadelphia; du Pont's travels as a young man; Meeting John Raskob;
    Partial Transcript: "He was not a man who was interested in sports at all, he loved music and attended the opera and had season tickets at the Metropolitan in Philadelphia." "He always had an interest in Philadelphia..."
    Synopsis: Chandler talks about du Pont's interests outside of history and public administration. Chandler describes du Pont's interests in farming and the city of Philadelphia. He describes du Pont's travels as a young man and meeting John Raskob
    Keywords: "Farmer's Club"; Lorraine, France; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Music; Opera; Philadelphia, Pa.; Raskob, John J. (John Jakob), 1879-1950
  • Memories of typing for P.S. du Pont; P.S. du Pont's journal writing habits
    Partial Transcript: "You will get a very clear cut picture of the man by going through his writings..." "He somehow got to playing piano and his father thought this was a very sissy thing to do..."
    Synopsis: Chandler discusses du Pont's writings and writing style. He describes as a very modest man and elaborates on some of the content in his records. He says that his journals explain the rift between P.S. and Alfred I. as well as other key family details.
    Keywords: Biographies; Du Pont, Alfred I. (Alfred Irenee), 1864-1935; Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954

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