Interview with Jasper Crane, 1962 June 21 [audio](part 1)

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  • Early work in the Arlington Company; History of the Arlington Company
    Partial Transcript: "I went to the legislature..."
    Synopsis: The interview begins mid sentence and is difficult to understand due to the audio quality. He talks about his career at the Arlington Company before DuPont purchased it. He provides a brief history of the Arlington Company
    Keywords: Arlington Company; Celluloid; DuPont
  • Job at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: "No, not, it isn't the same..."(his job at DuPont compared to Arlington)
    Synopsis: As with the previous section Crane is difficult to understand. Crane talks about how his job changed at DuPont compared to what he used to do at the Arlington Company. the recording ends abruptly.
    Keywords: Arlington Company; DuPont; Work