Interview with T.C. Davis, 1962 June 20 [audio]

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  • The decision making process of DuPont's executive committee
    Partial Transcript: "Is this book highly regarded, do people use it..."
    Synopsis: The audio is very hard to hear or understand. Davis and the interviewer discuss Pierre Samuel du Pont. They talks about the decision making process of DuPont's executive committee. He continues to talk about management at DuPont.
    Keywords: Decisions; Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; DuPont; Management; Taxes
  • Pierre Samuel du Pont's management style; Davis' contact with Pierre Samuel du Pont
    Partial Transcript: "I came here in November 1934 and I would say almost immediately I began to have contact with him..."
    Synopsis: Davis and the interview continue to talks about the management style of Pierre Samuel du Pont. He talks about his personal contact with Pierre Samuel du Pont. Davis talks about taxes during the Great Depression.
    Keywords: Du Pont, Pierre S. (Pierre Samuel), 1870-1954; DuPont; Great Depression; Taxes
  • General manager job; Budgeting and finance at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: "The general manager makes reports to the executive committee..."
    Synopsis: Davis describes management practices at DuPont. He describes the job of a general manager. He talks about budgeting and finance at DuPont.
    Keywords: Budgeting; DuPont; Finance; Management; Money; Taxes
  • Presenting financial information at DuPont; Hiring sales managers
    Partial Transcript: "You're talking about the sales.. the turnover... working capital... and so forth."
    Synopsis: Davis talks about how financial information was presented during his time at DuPont. Davis talks about hiring sales managers.
    Keywords: Budgeting; Charts; DuPont; Finance; Hiring; Investments; Management; Sales

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