Interview with John Gilbert Braun, 1973 April 17 [audio](part 1)

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  • Life and career; Knowledge of all the jobs in a black powder factory; Changes to black powder manufacture during his career
    Partial Transcript: "How I came into the black powder business was I had a cousin who was superintendent..."
    Synopsis: Braun gives a brief biographical sketch of himself. He describes some of his jobs working at black powder factories. He says that as of the time of the interview in 1973 he knows every job in the factory. He describes changes and improvements to the black powder industry during his career. He pays special attention to improvements in the narrow gauge rails used to transport powder around the yards.
    Keywords: Belin works; Black powder manufacture; Blakely, Pa; Horses; Moosic, Pa.; Narrow gauge railroads
  • Operation of the pellet line; Variety of powders manufactured; Jobs at the powder yard; Braun's job at the powder yard; Pressing powder
    Partial Transcript: "This here operation worked with almost two separate lines..."
    Synopsis: He talks about making black powder pellets and how the lines and machines for making those pellets worked. He talks about the varieties of black powder made in the yard. He ranks the jobs in the powder yard by their desirability. He believes that working the pack house is the best because it is the cleanest job on site. Braun describes his job as a foreman. He explains how he changed settings on the machines in the powder yards. He talks about pressing powder.
    Keywords: Black powder; Foremen; Jobs; Mills; Presses; Varieties of black powder
  • Capacity of a corning mill and other black powder machines; Other ways of making black powder
    Partial Transcript: "75 kegs tops, 75 kegs..."
    Synopsis: Braun talks about the capacity of a corning mill and the manufacturing process. He describes the capacities of different machines and the quantities of powder they are capable of processing at any one time. He talks about some other methods of making black bowder.
    Keywords: Black powder; Corning mills; Presses

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