Interview with John Gilbert Braun, 1973 April 17 [audio](part 2)

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  • Powder workers in the local community; Job as a foreman; Making different types of powder; Testing powder quality
    Partial Transcript: "I was a veteran so I belong... I joined all of these veteran's organizations..."
    Synopsis: Braun talks about the powder men's involvement in local life. He describes different kinds of powder mills that he is aware of but has not seen. He talks about making different kinds of powder. He also talks about testing the quality black powder and pays attention to describing how to test water levels in powder.
    Keywords: Belin Plant; Black powder; Moosic, Pa.; Rolling mills; Testing; Water
  • Selling powder to local mines; Vehicles to carry powder; Time spent working for DuPont and comparing new employees to old employees; Changing mill wheels for different kinds of gunpowder
    Partial Transcript: "The distributor got it right from the powder mills."
    Synopsis: Braun talks about how they sell powder to local mining companies and other customers. He describes some of the vehicles used to transport powder. Braun talks about how long he and some of his friends have worked. He compares current employees to previous employees. He talks about configuring the mills for different kinds of powder.
    Keywords: Ageing; Blasting powder; Coal mines; Labor; Machines; Mines; Sales; Water; Work

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