Interview with Chandler Becker [audio]

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  • Birthplace and early life; Getting a job with Louise du Pont Crowninshield
    Partial Transcript: "...I was Five Points, that's just across the Pennsylvania line..." "It was like a jungle...when I first came here...October first, 1928..."
    Synopsis: Becker describes where he was born and his early life. He talks about his family history and association with the du Pont family. He describes his job and how he got it. He describes some of the old buildings that were still standing when he started to work for Mrs. Crowninshield. He describes his first home on site. He describes some of the work he engaged in.
    Keywords: Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation; Homes; Kennet Square (Pa.); Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, Pa.)
  • Creating the Crowninshield garden; Description of Louise du Pont Crowninshield
    Partial Transcript: "First job I had to do was to grade it, so its level..." "Mrs. Crowninshield...would talk to anyone..."
    Synopsis: Becker describes working with Mr. Crowninshield to create a garden at Eleutherian Mills. Becker describes and offers his opinion on Louise du Pont Crowninshield. [The interview is interrupted by several phone calls.] He says that Mrs. Crowninshield used the original DuPont office building as a guest house. He talks about how Mrs. Crowninshield used the other outbuildings on site. He describes his time working in commercial greenhouses.
    Keywords: Crowninshield, Frank, 1872-1947; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Gardens
  • Mrs. Crowninshield's gardens; Mrs. Crowninshield's trips to Boston; Oysters and seafood
    Partial Transcript: "She was really active in the was her hobby."
    Synopsis: Becker describes Mrs. Crowninshield's love of gardening and flowers. He says both Crowninshields enjoyed flowers and he elaborates on Mrs. Crowninshields involvement in garden clubs. Becker talks about the Crowninshields' social life in Boston. [Background noise during the segment makes it hard to understand Becker.] Becker also talks about fishing and oysters.
    Keywords: Boston (Mass.); Crowninshield, Frank, 1872-1947 Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Flowers; Gardens; Oysters

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